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We are a small team of talented individuals who are experienced in the Logistics and Information Systems industry.

In the era of digitalization and electronic commerce that continues to grow rapidly and rapidly, logistics is no longer just a support but a strategy that must be carefully considered.

Logistics in the digital age cannot be separated from the role of technology in facilitating the speed demands that customers require.

LODI [Digital Logistics] offers a [Fulfillment] order fulfillment solution as well as an integration of Last Mile Delivery that makes it easy to handle business in the digital age.

What Is Fulfillment By LODI (FBL)?

Fulfillment By LODI [FBL] is an integrated solution for businesses that require fulfillment of technology-based speed technological orders that make it easy for you to monitor and control businesses that are running at high speed and need visitability for strategic purposes.

Why Fulfillment By LODI (FBL)?

Not all logistics operations can facilitate the fulfillment of orders at the high speed, especially in the digital age. LODI is developing a technology which is a business, transportation and business monitoring system [Business Dashboard] to facilitate you

Warehousing Solution

We want to find out more about you, and will be very happy to be able to accompany and listen to the problems of the warehouse. Contact us for further information

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